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Very nice.

One of the funniest videos I have seen on newgrounds.


...What was that? I have no comprehensions on what I watched, pirates, dj's, grocery stores? I know thats supposed to be the humor but its overblown.

Perfect amount of wutness

The head biting off was simply so bad it was amazing. And the friends reaction to his blackness was rather, "excited "

Seeing how my name is Bruce, I am probably biased though : P

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In my personal opinion, while this had a fairly weak beginning, it really pulls through after the 40 second mark. The almost Christmas-y feel, almost reminds me of Carol of the Bells, which has a very weird feel with the techno and almost rock elements at time with it. Overall I give it a 8/10.

Brilliant songwriting, singing blows it.

I thought, finally I found a nice song. The guitar was nice. The bass smooth. I was really liking it, until 27 seconds in, when you, or your singer, began to sing. I recommend getting a friend to sing for you, or getting a new friend to sing for you, as whoever is singing, isn't a very good singer. When you sing you must use your own voice, not try to change it, as the singer is, which leads to him mumbling. Would be a great song, just need to improve the singing. Due to the near perfection with the exception of one point, I give it a 9/10


Im not a big fan of drum and bass, but I know a good one when I hear one.
This isnt one. It has collective rhythm, upon starting you have a gag reflex setting the knowledge, this is gonna be a bad one. Its like the music they play in a music when someone is going insane, or high on heroine, LSD, and PCP in one injection, where it plays for 5 seconds, makes you feel uncomfortable then fades out.

Its not you, its the genre. Why is there piano in drum and bass? The piano parts are good, consider writing full piano, the scratch and drum, not so much. Also it has some nice synth. I can tell you tried, so I give it a 6/10.

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